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Save-the-dates often grace our calendars lest we forget birthdays, anniversaries, or dinner with that special someone. In 2009 the United Nations General Assembly marked a big X in red ink on the eighth of June and wrote in bold, "World Oceans Day". The point was to remind eveyone on this planet of ours that healthy life needs clean oceans, and that without healthy oceans, life as we know it could disappear.

We shouldn't need the UN to tell us how important oceans are to the Earth. We know full well. But occasional reminders are good for us, because unfortunately it can slip our minds.

Oceans are the heart of our planet, the most vital organ in this complex organism we call Mother Earth . Just like our heart pumps blood, supplying nutrients to vital organs so everything runs smoothly, the oceans carry water to every corner of the planet, providing people with resources for them to thrive. Each and every one of us has the duty to care for the oceans as we would our own heart, to avoid congestive “ocean” failure!

Yet the oceans do much more than simply connect people and bring them life-sustaining water. They regulate the climate, produce oxygen, are home to thousands of creatures, and provide food or a livelihood for millions. It's no coincidence that water makes up 70% of the planet.
Territorio Havaianas, CI, Luciano Candisani

Luciano Candisani

Territorio Havaianas, CI, Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen

Ocean biodiversity is so great, scientists have not managed to pin precise figures on oceanic life. An estimated one million distinct marine species exist. But the number could be as high as 10 million, since only about 30% of the oceans' living hidden treasures have been discovered. Incredible as that may be, it's even more unthinkable that we undervalue it or give it only cursory thought. That's why we need World Oceans Day. We could celebrate it every day.

For years Havaianas has worked to preserve the environment and protect our oceans. The same year the United Nations designated the 8 June as World Oceans Day, our brand started a pleasant, productive partnership with Conservation International (CI). Every year since 2009 we have designed a flip-flop collection featuring water animals from regiones like Abrolhos o Pau Brasil, where CI-Brazil works. Seven percent of the collection's sales go to the institute. To date, 350,000 dollars have been raised.

With this arrangement, Havaianas hopes to do its part helping to develop protected marine areas and to promote sustainable resource use.

So the next time you slip on your Havaianas CI's, remember that you're helping the oceans keep pumping out life to our planet.
Territorio Havaianas, CI


Territorio Havaianas, CI, Luciano Candisani

Luciano Candisani

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