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Years ago, there was a TV ad campaign that featured a little boy trying to play a tennis match alone, against himself. He would hit the ball, run with all his might to reach the far side of the net, but the ball would invariably reach the back of the court before he did. He would try again: hitting the ball more carefully or softly, jumping over the net to shorten the distance a bit, and he even managed to get there in time but unluckily the ball would bounce out of some corner. On the screen one could read: “You can’t make it alone… but you can with friends”, and the ad would end with the same kid and another three friends laughing, playing and enjoying themselves.
Territorio Havaianas_Happy International Friendship Day
Friendship is probably one of the purest and oldest sentiments that has ever existed. It has probably been part of a human being’s existence since the beginning of times although the first man to write about it was Aristotle, often considered to be the “Father of Philosophy”. In his work “Nicomachean Ethics”, books VIII and IX out of the ten that make-up the work, he concentrates on the value of friendship: “Virtuous friends are necessary to achieve happiness, because man is a social animal who needs other human beings on whom he can depend and with whom he can share things. Friends are the greatest external good that a man has”, such were the words of wisdom of the philosopher.

It is hard to believe that it has taken 25 centuries to see the United Nations General Assembly designate the 30th of July as the International Day of Friendship. Just as well certain things can exist without having to have a special day set aside for them on a calendar.
Territorio Havaianas_Happy International Friendship Day
Friendship is such a strong feeling that when we don’t have someone close by, we invent that presence and create imaginary friends for ourselves. Friendship is such a profound sentiment which transcends human existence that we look for it in other beings, and have thus come to know the dog as man’s best friend. Summer is the perfect time of year to take care of our friendships, not only because we have more free time, but also because we are in a more relaxed and receptive frame of mind. During the rest of the year, we rush, are stressed, have obligations… which doesn’t leave much time for special moments well spent with friends, as we relegate these to a “must see you soon”, “catch up with you later”, “next week for sure”…

In summer, days are longer, and even if time seems to go past quicker, this is the perfect season to make it up to all those friends we’ve left behind with our hectic modern lifestyles.
Territorio Havaianas_Happy International Friendship Day
Territorio Havaianas_Happy International Friendship Day
Wearing a pair of Havaianas on the beach, at a café, out for a picnic, or driving along with the music full on… the holidays offer so many opportunities to let go and enjoy the good times, to remember all those fun projects we have set aside during the winter. So, don’t wait for the International Day of Friendship to call your friends and tell them how much you love them. The word “friend” comes from the Old English freond which itself comes from the Old English verb frēon, meaning exactly this: to love.  Put on a pair of Havaianas like these and enjoy the International Day of Friendship.
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