• Sustainability: we are people & planet free

    We believe in a world without strings and in the power of renewal - we are only free when the world is too. And to achieve this, we have two commitments that go hand in hand: planet & people.

  • Havaianas ❤️ Planet

    We want to contribute so that people can make increasingly conscious choices in their daily lives and so that they can live in the lightest and most harmonious way possible, always thinking about tomorrow.

    For this, we are immersed in our processes and products, seeking innovative solutions and rethinking traditional logics, from raw materials, production, transport, to the possibilities of final disposal and new life cycles.

    Sustainable Products It is our mission to look carefully at each of our products from beginning to end: how they are made, what we can transform through their use and how we can add value when their life cycle ends. We want our products to be increasingly made from recycled materials and/or renewable sources. Today, 97% of our sandals are already produced with around 40% of reused rubber.

    We will invest in increasingly responsible low-carbon materials that generate the least amount of waste possible. Allied to this, we will work to have a positive impact on communities as well. Because we understand that, behind all the shapes, curves, colors and prints, there are people and suppliers who work effectively in production from creation to post-use. We are focused on looking at our chain, understanding all the links and making our actions contribute to the environment and empower our partners. We prioritize processes, initiatives, technologies and materials that reduce impact on the environment and people and partners who share our values and conduct.

    Havaianas ❤️ People

    For Havaianas, nothing is more liberating than a colorful and comfortable environment where everyone can express their unique way of life. The better we live now, the better doors we keep opening for future generations.

    Therefore, we want to ensure that people identify themselves, feel represented and have access to our diverse portfolio. So, they can always be inspired to express themselves freely.

    This movement is part of a continuous evolution towards an increasingly sustainable development because we believe that the footprints we leave behind are as important as the steps we take.

    Find out more about our activities and commitments. Havaianas performance reflects the sustainability journey at Alpargatas S.A., the group behind the brand. You can check here Alpargatas' Sustainability Strategy, the company's Annual Sustainability Report and other information related to the topic.

  • Our products and process

    It is our mission to look carefully at each of our products, from beginning to end: how they are made, what we can add during their use and what we can transform them into when their original life cycle ends. We want people to live an increasingly responsible lifestyle and this is reflected in our products as well. We relentlessly seek the development of increasingly sustainable products, capable of addressing critical issues along the value chain. We look at this from the beginning in the selection of materials, in the supply and distribution chain and in the efficiency of our industrial transformation processes, including communication and transparency towards the consumer and responsibility for the end-of-life of those products that we put out in the market.

    Sustainable production chains. We are focused on looking at and taking care of our entire chain, knowing all the links and acting responsibly with the environment and society, empowering our partners, always paying attention to individual particularities and potential and with a commitment to joint development.

    R$ 20 million invested in increasing our ability to innovate in materials and processes. Every year, we revisit our products based on fashion and world trends. We continually re-evaluate our portfolio, research new raw materials, seek partnerships and connect the brand, designing more sustainable products capable of building systemic solutions together with partners.


    We value the principles of the circular economy, which is why we continually work to improve waste management throughout our production process through the redesign of processes, investments in innovation and infrastructure, articulation and development of partnerships and awareness of our stakeholders.

    In addition to being extra careful about how we produce our products, we also focus on the end-of-use cycle of our products. Every time we buy a new Havaianas and stop using the old ones, a cycle of use ends, and soon we must start a new cycle.

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