• Life is made up of cycles, our products too

    Each Havaianas that has passed through your feet represents a cycle. Some shorter and some longer. But in most cases, the life cycle of a flip flop is longer than its use cycle.

    This is why we started reCYCLE, a reverse logistics program from Havaianas, to collect used flip flops and provide the proper disposal of each pair.

  • Remember those flip-flops you don’t use anymore?

    We take them back.

    And provide a new sustainable cycle through the reCYCLE program.

    How does the Havaianas reCYCLE work?

  • Give your flip-flops a new Cycle

    Find the nearest takeback box and give them a proper disposal.

  • Barcelona CC El Triangle, Plaza de Cataluña 1-4; 08002; Barcelona; Spain

    Palma Avinguda Jaume III 6; 07012; Palma de Mallorca; Spain

    Tenerife CC Siam, Av. Siam 3; 38670; Sta Cruz de Tenerife; Spain

    Fan Mallorca CC Fan, Av. Cardenal Rossell s/n, Coll d’en Rabassa, Local 45, L0-41; 07007; Palma de Mallorca; Spain

    Madrid Fuencarral Calle Fuencarral 23; 28004; Madrid; Spain

    Tenerife CC Santiago IV, Paseo Orinoco (Bajos Hotel Europe Villa Cortés), Local 15B. Playa De Las Américas 38660 Spain

  • By placing your flip-flops in our take back box, you start a new positive cycle of social and environmental impact

    Recycled material gains a new life cycle, transforming into other objects that we are currently testing, such as yoga mats or in store items for our retail stores.

    We increasingly want our actions to inspire other actions, thus generating a genuine movement of people seeking for more conscious cycles.

  • Come walk with us on this journey

    These are just the first steps of a long-term plan to a more sustainable Havaianas future, and we need your help to get there. Let's spread sustainable thinking to everyone who has ever worn a pair of Havaianas and move towards a better tomorrow for the whole world.

    Havaianas is here to set the world free.