Safe shopping at Havaianas
At Havaianas we constantly adapt our payment portals to ensure they feature the tightest safety sytems for our clients. With this in mind, we have already upgraded to comply with the new European regulations for PSD2 online payments.

If you normally do your purchasing online, you will have noticed that there are several ways to pay. Some online businesses only ask you for your bank card details and the CVV code, others ask for your details and send you a code on your mobile phone, and others directly remember all your details so you can do all your purchases in one click.

Given the varied scenarios that exist, the objective of the new PSD2 directive that comes into effect on 01/01/2021 is simply to reinforce the safety mechanisms for online businesses in order to guarantee that the person making a purchase is indeed the owner of the bank card.

How will we do this? By using reinforced client authentication or double factor authentication whenever you pay online, where your smartphone will be indispensible.

This will translate mainly as payments being confirmed using at least 2 out of the 3 following possible forms:

1. Something you have: a mobile, an ID card, a bank card, etc.

2. Something you know: a PIN, a password, an answer to a question, etc.

3. Something you “are”: biometric identification using your eyes, your face, your fingerprint, your voice, etc.