Let's walk together towards sustainability

We believe in a world without strings and in a power of renewal.

That's why we have two commintments that go hand in hand: planet & people.

Havaianas ♥️ Planet

We're on a mission to make our manufacturing processes constantly more sustainable, seeking for innovations and rethinking traditional logistics at every stage: from raw materials, production and transportation to even final disposal and recycling

Sustainably crafted products

We embrace the responsabilitiy to follow the journey of our products from beginning to end. That's shy we meticulously select materials, closely monitor our supply and distribution chains and value clear and transparent communication with our consumers.

Today, 97% of our sandals are crafted with abaout 40% recycled rubber from production, and we'll continue to invest in more responsible, low caarbon materials that generate minimal waste.

Innovation across the lines

Did you know that 100% of the production waste from our Tradi and Top models' straps are reincorporated into the manufacturing process? And that 100% of the Soul Collection uses recycled materials or natural fibers? Our sneakers are also packed with green technology, like the back strap which is made from recycled polyester sourced from plastic bottles.

Many of our products lines boat sustainable features! Chick the buttons bellow to learn more about these properties and their stories.

Global recycling program: Havaianas reCYCLE

With Havaianas reCYCLE, we're rethinking the linear production logic and giving new life to used products. Simply bring your used flip-flops to a participating store, drop them in the reCYCLE bin e we'll handle the rest!

The initiative is present in over 15 countries, with approximately 250 collection points, bringing thousands of flip-flops to our partner recycling cooperatives every year.

With the recycled material, we create useful everyday products like mats, tires, and even works of art. Amazing, right?

Havaianas ♥️ People

Just as important as our steps are the footprints we leave behind. Nothing is more liberating than a colorful and comfortable environment where everyone can express their unique way of living. After all, behind all of the shapes, curves, colors, and prints, there are people and suppliers who work hard on the havaianas you love, from creations to post-use.

Products for a cause

We want everyone to feel inspired and represented when they come into contact with one of our products. And we're proud to count and incredible partners who share our values and strengthen our socio-environmental commitmet in special product lines. When your purchase any item from these collections, 7€ of the sales are donated to projects supporting biodiversity conservation and restoration, as well as social inclusion.

IPÊ 20 years

We're celebrating 20 year of partnership with the Institute for Ecological Research (IPÊ) in 2024. This consistent and pioneering commitment provides funding for the institute and gives globa visibility to Brazil's rich fauna through thematic collections.

We are proud to highlight that over the past two decades, we've launched together 25 collections and 60 models, featuring more than 57 species, and directed more than R$10 million to the institute's projects.

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Proud to walk with you

We're commited to celebratid the LGBTQ+ community beyond Pride Month. Our Pride collection is a permanent part of our portfolio, with 7% of sales being allocated to All Out, a globaal organization advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Since 2020, we've donated over US$ 5 million to support All Out's various initiatives including AcolheLGBT+, a platform providing psychological support to Brazil's LGBTQIA+ community, campaigns for marriage equality in Mexico, and protests against the crackdown on LGBTQIA+ rights by the Russian Supreme Court.

Meet the collection

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Sustainability at Alpargatas

Havaianas' actions reflect the sustainability journey of Alpargatas S.A., the group behind the brand. Learn more about the company's Sustainability Strategy and other sustainability-related-information - and don't forget to check out the projects of the Alpargatas Institute and the Annual Sustainability Report.