Havaianas use to be true to size. You just need to be sure of choosing your right size. Our shoes size guide and apparel size chart should help you to find your right size.


Havaianas has not changed the sizing but it may vary depending on the model. Please check the Havaianas size chart to find your perfect match. If you choose your right size, they shouldn't come small.


Do Havaianas stretch?

No, they do not stretch.


What size Havaianas do I need uk?

Sizing of Havaianas in the UK is (or not) different to sizing in Brasil. 


What size Havaianas for a 1 year old?

You should choose a 17/18 size for a 1 year old baby.


What size is Havaianas large?  And medium?

In Havaianas we don't have large or medium size, we just have the standard numerical sizing.


What size is 35 36 in Havaianas?

It´s a 35/36 Havaianas size. 


What size is 6 in Havaianas?

Size 6 in Havaianas is 39/40 size.


What size is 41 42 in Havaianas in Australia?

It´s a 41/42 Havaianas Size.