Customer Service

Customer Service

Help & Contact

How can I get in contact with Havaianas?


You can contact us by phone or via web form, please follow this link where you will find our telephone numbers and contact form.

Shipping and Delivery

Delivery times


Orders shipped to Italy will be delivered in approximately 2-3 working days. Orders shipped to other European Union countries will be delivered in approximately 4-5 working days.


How much are the shipping costs?


Shipping costs are 4,9 euros/pounds per order.


You can get free shipping when spending over 40 euro/pounds.

Returns and Exchanges

How can I return a product?


You can drop off your shoes (in the original box) at your local Post Office. Please bear in mind that you run with the shipping costs of the return. You will be refunded once the order is received in our warehouse.


• You have 30 days to return your product.

• Products must be unworn, unwashed and unaltered.

• No returns or exchanges are possible for customized products.

• Must have all the original tags and labels attached and in their original packaging, including the Havaianas box.


STEPS to Return a product:


Step 1: Login to your account, go to your orders, select the order and the product you´d like to return. If you´ve placed the order as a guest, you can request a return in the following link (track your order page).


Step 2: put the product in the same box, make sure it´s well packed, and add the following address:

c/o Mag. La Giovane
Strada A di Gainago 2/A, Località Gainago
43056 – Torrile (PR), Italy


Step 3: go to your nearest post office and proceed to ship it – please bear in mind that you run with the costs of the return. We are working on improving our Return Policy and very soon we will offer more options to return your product.


How can I exchange a product?


You can change your product for another size. Go to your account area, select the order, the product you´d like to exchange and the size to change it for. If the size is not available, you can proceed to return the product and we´ll refund you the money. If you´d like to change the product for a different one, you can return the product and buy the new one.


Exchanges are only allowed if the product has the same prize.


You have 30 days from the reception of your products to request an exchange of any product you have purchased. Be aware that we only accept size changes of the same model and category (including same colour) and, in case you want to purchase a new product, you´ll have to return the goods you don’t longer want.


STEPS to Exchange a product:


Step 1: To proceed to a size change of an item, please connect to your account, enter “My Order” section, and select the exchange option provided next to the item of the relevant order.


Step 2: select the return method - we allow 14 days for the product to be received in our warehouse.


Step 3: Once we have received your product at our facilities and validated the return by proving goods to be in the original packaging and in perfect conditions (not used, worn or defective) we will process the new order and ship the replacement to you.


We don´t allow exchanges if the price has changed. Products acquired during sales or promotions are not subject to any exchange. Exchanges return and shipping costs will not be charged to you.


What happens if I receive a defective product?


You need to activate the return in your account area (guest), and select the option “Defective Product”; you will be asked to upload some photos of the product that our customer service will receive and revise for approval. Once our quality team has approved the return, the money will be refunded.


Do I need to register to place an order?


No, it´s not necessary. You can place an order as a guest. But please remember that you will not enjoy the benefits of having an account, like saving your addresses, credit card details, etc.


How can I check the details of my order?


To review the information related to your order, please login to your account, in the section "My Orders", click on your order number or on VIEW ORDER to view your order details. If you placed the order as a guest, you can track your order details here.


Can I make changes to my order once I have placed it?


If you need to change your order after you placed it, please contact our Customer Service. Please note that order processing is automatic and we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to make any changes to orders which have been paid for and entered our system.


How can I create an Account on Havaianas Online Store?


You can create an account in our online store HERE.


Why is it useful to have an account on your online store?


• You can easily check all your orders at any time from your account area


• You will be able to save your credit card details for future purchases, so you don´t need to enter the data every time you make a purchase


• You can create and save as many delivery addresses as you want


• You can have different credit cards • You can create wish lists to save your favorite products


• You can have access to special and exclusive promotions just for registered users


Can I register an Account if I placed my order as a Guest?


Yes, you can register an Account after you placed an order as a Guest. You can also create an account during the checkout process while placing the order. Please bear in mind that the order you placed as a Guest will not appear in the Account that you register afterwards.


How can I locate my nearest store?


By visiting the section Store Locator.

Havaianas Size Payments

Can I customize my Havaianas?


Yes, you can customize your Havaianas with pins in our physical stores. The product you can customize online is the special orders for Wedding, where you can select the model and pin.

Environment and Social Responsibility

What are Havaianas initiatives and actions about CSR?


We collaborate with IPÊ and Conservação Internacional. You can check all the information here

About the Product

How can I clean the product?


Dip your Havaianas in water with detergent for a few minutes. Use a soft sponge (non abrasive) to clean them and then rinse them. Do not put them into a washing machine, this can damage the thongs and sole.


How long does a pair of Havaianas last?


There is no exact answer to this question because the durability of a pair of Havaianas depends on several factors, such as frequency of use, type of use, type of floor/ground, product care, among others.


I would like to buy additional straps, is it possible?


Sorry, but we don't sell them separately.


How can I know my size?


You can find your size in our size chart here




At Havaianas we know how demanding our customers are, that is why we would like to make you aware of the existence of counterfeits. Some websites offer fake Havaianas, which even though they may look alike, they’re not the original ones.


Havaianas isn’t only a synonym for style, but also high-quality, ethics compliance and comfort, so if you buy counterfeit products you’re giving all of this up.


For this reason, since our very beginnings, back in 1962, we’re fully dedicated and committed to fighting the global phenomenon of counterfeit, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Would you like to give us a hand?😊




 To ensure that you purchase only genuine Havaianas products when buying online, be aware that counterfeit Havaianas are often advertised as "cheap Havaianas" or "discount Havaianas". If the price is significantly cheaper than the original Havaianas, it will probably be a counterfeit… In other words, if it’s too good to be true, they’re probably not ours.


 Havaianas are made-up of a patented formula consisting of a mixture of rubbers – they don’t smell, don’t deform and don’t conduct heat. Fake products are recognizable because of their poor workmanship.


 We don’t offer our products through street vendors, flea markets or unauthorized retail locations. If you purchase at any of these places, it’s very likely that you’re buying fake products.


 You will always find an authenticity hologram on every Havaianas product you purchase.


 Brazil is the homeland of Havaianas - all Havaianas are made or designed in Brazil.


If you’re unsure about the origin, please contact us and we will let you know if the store is an authorized retailer.




Havaianas footwear has high quality standards and cannot be compared to the poor workmanship of non-authentic merchandise. Original products are made from a rubber formula that guarantees both comfort and safety.


Be wary that counterfeit Havaianas don’t usually comply with health and safety regulations, and they may cause serious skin irritations and discomfort during use.




Counterfeiting is illegal. It has a significant impact on the global economy, costing us all over $1.7 trillion a year and the destruction of thousands of job posts.


The manufacturers of counterfeit products don’t pay taxes, don’t pay fair wages to their employees and often use child labor, while the lucrative sales of counterfeit goods are financing organized crime activities. When you purchase a counterfeit product, you’re funding and supporting this criminal activity.




If you think you've spotted or purchased fake Havaianas, please alert us by email at: We need to fight against counterfeiters and protect the interests of consumers like you.