Havaianas Kids

Havaianas for kids are designed to be like kids are, spontaneous and fun. They never stop. They are forever skipping, running or playing, which is why they need footwear that can keep-up with their rhythm whilst providing them with comfort and safety. The Havaianas kids’ footwear has all these qualities and is available for all ages, also for your baby’s feet from the traditional flip flops with their comfortable non-slip rubber soles to the sandals range, they are all designed with the comfort and protection of children’s feet in mind, which makes us parents happier in the knowledge that our little ones always wear good shoes. The designs are filled with colour, with prints that include characters from their favourite Disney cartoons and comic-strip superheroes, without forgetting the girl’s absolute favourites: cute butterflies and princesses. All of these reflect the personality they like to show through the clothes they wear. Get all types of Havaianas and find all sizes for your kids!

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Havaianas Kids New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Because we enjoy seeing them inspired and looking trendy…. We always have more on offer!

Flip Flops

Superheroes, cartoons, pets, princesses… to step out with them in all their happy moments.
Havaianas Kids Flip Flops
Havaianas Baby Flip Flops

Baby Flip Flops

For their first summer adventures, nothing better than some fun and cool summer sandals, which fit perfectly around the heel.