Havaianas Pride - Flip Flops and Accessories Pride

At Havaianas we stand for free love, equality and inclusion, and for this reason, we join in celebrating LGBTQIA+ pride with the Havaianas Pride collection featuring the rainbow colours that represent the LGBTQIA+ flag.


We want to do our bit by collaborating through this collection with the aim of making visible and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Take a look at our extensive catalogue where you'll find accessories with which to shout your own self to the world: flip-flops, wallets, charms and keyrings.


The products in the collection stand out because we have used the 8 colours of the first version of the flag that represents this community, ans in order to pay tribute to the first person who decided to begin the struggle to love freely in 1978: Gilbert Baker.


Take a look at the catalogue, choose your favourite products and celebrate like us the right to be ourselves and love who we want.


Combine a pair of flip flops like the Havaianas Top Pride Allover or the Havaianas Top Pride Rainbow designed to celebrate love, freedom, respect and LGBTQIA+ pride every day with the Havaianas Minibag Pride, a mini bag where you can carry everything you want (keys, make-up, mobile, and much more) with a glitter touch and the LGBTQIA+ flag detail.


You will also find our Havaianas Pride keyring, whose design proudly displays the colours of the flag. In addition, 7% of the profits from sales of this product are donated to All Out.


Join us and advocate for the inclusion of all genders in the fight for LGTBQIA+!

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