• Our commitment is towards a more free and sustainable world

    We believe in a free world and in the power of renewal - we are only free when the world is too.

    We want to contribute so that people have sustainable options for their day-to-day decisions, so they can live as sustainably as possible.

    Behind all the shapes, curves, colours and prints, there are people, suppliers, machines, new technologies and materials that work effectively in the entire production chain, from creation to post-use.

    We are focused on looking at our entire value chain, understanding all the links and acting in a way that contributes to the environment and empowers our partners and suppliers.

    We prioritise processes, initiatives, technologies and materials that reduce impact on the environment and partners that leverage us even further.

  • Manifesto for a free world

    Havaianas exists to set you and the world free.

    For us, nothing is more liberating than a colorful and comfortable environment where everybody can express their unique way of living.

    Havaianas welcomes you to our proposition of a free world. Something of ours. Collaborative. From ourselves to our future-selves.

    We believe in giving the world a breath of fresh air and recreating things into something new – After all, a free world is made out of shared cycles. The better we live now, the better we keep opening doors for the future generations. When we re-use, re-think, re-act, the more we re-alize the power of moving forward.

    At the end of the day, our world is our journey. The more open our sustainable ideas are today, the more innovative and inclusive we will be tomorrow.

    We invite you to take a step further with us. Because only step by step we will keep making it greener. Or pinker, yellower, even blueish. The more colorful, the better.

    Havaianas exists to set you free.

    Get to know our initiatives that sets the world free

    The commitment to sustainability is much more than a necessity, it is a premise for everything we do.

    Starting at the production stage, we are constantly looking for ways to make our process more transparent and, of course, sustainable.

    It is our mission to take extra care of each of our products, from start to finish: how they are made, what we can transform through their use and how we can add value when their life cycle ends.

    All of this contributes positively to the environment and society and we are working on doing much more to our value chain.

  • Come learn a little more about our actions!

    Our product lines

    To set the world free, we believe in open conversations. The more you get to know us, the more we can contribute to a more sustainable life. Click on the images to learn in detail how our lines contribute to a more sustainable planet.

    Our lines in partnership 

    Every time you buy a product from these collections, 7% of sales go to projects for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and social inclusion. Click on the key words on the tiles to learn more.

    Our circular economy

    We are 100% focused on initiatives that promote a Circular Economy and, mainly, that contemplate the entire life cycle of a product, from the way it is produced to correct disposal. Click on the images to find out more.

    Havaianas ReCYCLE Program
    Havaianas is here to set the world free.