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Wedding flip flops

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The essential flip-flops for your wedding

The tradition started 10 years ago when, when famous Brazilian TV presenters decided to give each of their wedding guests a pair of Havaianas. And the truth is you won’t find any wedding dance floor which is not flooded with Havaianas! Not just in Brazil! These rubber flip-flops – which were invented in 1962 – also rule on the dance floors at weddings all around the world, thanks to the two models designed specially for "The Big Day".


Choose your pins to make them unique

Mix&Match as you wish

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Pin Bride

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Pin Groom

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Pin Heart

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Pin pride

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How to place an order

Once you have selected your favourite flip-flops, contact us in the phone +442039324749 or +35315663001 if you are in Ireland. You can also writing us saying in the email subject WEDDING and our Customer Service team will take care of you. We want to be part of your special day so your wedding order will have special conditions. Let us be part of your love story!

Important information about conditions and quantities

Minimum order of 60 pairs+pins.

The number of pairs ordered must be a multiple of 10.

You can choose different sizes of the same model as long as the total number ordered is a multiple of 10.

Available flip-flops: Top, Slim &Top Tiras.

Delivery time: 30 working days.

Top model+pin: 10,80€.