You can identify fake Havaianas Slippers by:

• To ensure that you are only purchasing genuine Havaianas products, when purchasing online, watch out for such messages as "cheaper Havaianas" or "discount Havaianas": these are counterfeit Havaianas.

The real Havaianas are never available with street vendors, on markets or at non-authorised sales points. If you buy a pair in such a place, it's more than likely to be an imitation product.

All the Havaianas products are made or designed in Brazil. So if the product is not made or designed in Brazil and indicated as such on the labelling, it may be a counterfeit product.

•  Identify original Havaianas vs. fake by looking for the authenticity logo on any Havaianas product you purchase!

Havaianas are made according to a patented formula that is made up of a mixture of rubber – they don't smell, they don't lose their shape and are breathable – counterfeit products are recognisable because they are badly made.

If you are unsure of their origin, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you whether the store you went to is a recognised retailer.