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One of our favorite trends (and one that is gaining more and more followers every year) is personalising and customising clothes. Go for it and give a different touch to your favourite flip-flops! All you need are the Havaianas charms accessories.


Everyone likes to wear their flip-flops with an original and different touch from others. It's all about giving them that special "something" that makes those flip-flops you've chosen to go to the beach, to walk around your favourite city, for a night out with your friends, to travel or even to be at home, become something unique and different. Isn't it the little details that make the difference?


You will find a wide variety of charms to customise your Havaianas flip-flops. The list of possibilities is endless!


At Havaianas we know that personalising clothes is not a passing trend. That’s why, with our charms collection, we make it easy for you to add a unique touch to the flip-flops you’ve had your eye on.

What is product customisation?

To customise is to personalise a piece of clothing to your taste, which means to modify it to suit your personal preferences.


In fashion, customising clothes and accessories is a must-have, and expressing your personality through your favourite Havaianas flip-flops is something we like more and more every day. Well... it's not that we like it, it's that we love it!

Customise your flip-flops with Havaianas charms

Make your flip-flops cool with Havaianas charms! Choose your flip flops from a variety of models with different designs and colours and add a Havaianas charms to give them your personal touch.


Explore other galaxies with the Havaianas Charms Slim Lighting or demonstrate Girl Power allyship with the Havaianas Charms Slim Grl Pwr Pink. And of course, wear LGBTQIA+ Charms Pride Top 2 with pride, available in two different models.


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Charms Customization


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